Jewelry Care

Dust, pollution, cosmetics and perfumes all conspire to dull the surface of sterling silver and vermeil.  We suggest you keep your jewelry as beautiful as you are with these simple tips:

  • Apply perfume or other sprayed substances before putting on your jewelry
  • Jewelry should always be removed prior to showering
  • Avoid chlorine when wearing jewelry
  • Gently wipe off make-up and skin oils after each wear with a soft and dry, 100% cotton cloth
  • Store jewelry separately in jeweler’s cloth or soft bag so pieces don’t scratch each other


Sterling silver jewelry care

Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time but can be cleaned very easily.

You can remove light tarnish by using a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or micro-fiber cloth and wipe gently.

Vermeil and rose gold plated silver jewelry care

Vermeil is a combination of Sterling Silver and a layer of gold on top.

To clean vermeil jewelry, buff very very gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth.  NEVER use chemical cleaners on 22k gold vermeil jewelry as it can strip the gold finish.  It is natural for vermeil to tarnish with time- it adds character to the pieces and makes it as unique as you are!

Oxidized silver jewelry care

The blackish color of oxidized sterling silver is a special treatment that is created by careful processing.  With time and with wear the color of the oxidized metal may lighten a bit.  This is a natural and organic occurrence.  If you attempt to clean oxidized silver with a cloth or chemical is may strip the oxidized finish.  Please do not clean oxidized sterling silver jewelry.